Installation view: Your Rivers, Your Margins, Your Diminutive Villages, Handwerker Gallery, Ithaca College

The work in this show includes paintings and site-specific multimedia work comprised of drawing, video, and sculptural elements. In a shift from previous work, the scuplture has become the dominant element, with the paintings acting as backdrops or props for other works. Using automatic building techniques, this work responds to the natural environment of Ithaca and the surrounding landscape as a point of departure, moving from hidden waterways and deeply-wooded terrain to manicured gardens and agricultural land. Because the work is generated intuitively, using techniques of Surrealist automatism as a guiding principle, the work often takes unexpected turns and explores the intersecting terrains of landscape, utopian architecture, and bodily organism. This show was created with the generous support of he School of the Museum of fine Arts, Boston, the Constance Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, and Ithaca College.
Your Rivers, Your Margins, Your Diminutive Villages 2014
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