Laboratory for Other Worlds (Installation view, the Mattress Factory)
Paper maché, putty, cardboard, lab equipment, video equipment, insulation tape, found material, air dry clay, doll eyeball

Laboratory for Other Worlds (Detail)

Laboratory for Other Worlds is an immersive installation centered around a stop motion animation set. It uses an off-grid solar panel system alongside handmade and recycled materials to forge connections between green technology, science fiction, and the ecological imaginary.

Salt Marsh Deep Time Study Center (Installation view, Institute for Contemporary Art at MECAD)
10’L x 9’W x 7’H

This study center focuses on local salt marshes and their unique position at the edge of the sea and the land, and their history of rich ecologies buried within thousands of years of sedimentation. These marshes provide climate researchers with an understanding of ancient biomes, which are accessed via sedimentary core samples and used to reconstruct deep time habitats, and therefore ancient shorelines.

“If there is a post-Anthropocene worth living in, those who live in it will need different stories, with no entity at the center of the stage.”

This quote helps to understand that “posthuman” means us imagining a time when humans don’t look out just for ourselves and those like us, that we understand that we are all one entangled life here on planet earth and that the wellbeing of all humans as well as all species, the land, waters, and soils is equally important.

Collaborating artists Tanya Crane and Erin Genia bring specific expertise to these conversation about science, including what are the different questions we can be asking, and what does it mean to consider the subject of science as sacred?

“Never before has humanity faced the confluence of crises we face. And never before has there been such a driving need to expand and diversify the kinds of evidence and knowledge we rely upon to make critical decisions to address them.”

-Integrating Ancestral Wisdom and Approaches into Federal Decision-Making, Office of Science and Technology Policy, the White house


Community Workshop, Art: the Experimental Science
Erin Genia, "Earthling" Performance
Patte Loper, exhibition performance