This piece was created in collaboration with 2Squared, a classically-trained piano duo, Andrew Ranaudo and Nicole Brancato, who create two-hand piano performances based on historical research. This work is being created for exhibition as well as to accompany performances by the duo, 
The musical score is by Futurist composer Alfredo Casella’s Pupazzeti and performed for four hands. While Casella’s related work, Pagine di Guerra (Pages of War), directly references the effects of WW I, Pupazetti follows a similar format, but is a more playful series of five cinematic pieces written for puppets. The installation/set under construction is made of previous sculptural works that have been intentionally destroyed and rebuilt in a way that shows the hand in making. This process, which shows both the effects of destruction and the details of careful reworking, reflects Casella’s use of experimental form to explore a broad range of emotional and conceptual themes. Intended to juxtapose a potentially bright future with past struggles, the building process, like Pupazetti, is sprawling and provisional.